Scribbling and next conventions

In the recent issue #165 of the German The Dark Eye-magazine “Aventurischer Bote” our first The Dark Eye-Larp article was published. The report “Schatten über Uhdenwacht” (“Shadows above Uhdenwacht”) on page 12 of the in-game news is about the events of the larp “Silbergroschen 4 – Quanionen” in which my husband Marcus and I were participating. Players, Game Masters and NPCs who were at this convention may discover that the events in our report were … edited by us. But this was done because of in-game reasons and our characters Jette and Hesindion will shure answer your questions about that.
The next The Dark Eye larp we will visit as reporters of the Aventurischer Bote is “Spur des Blutes 2“.

Of course I will be at the RatCon this year again and will draw there at my booth. In all likelihood I will give a workshop about coat of arms and heraldry. Stay tuned for more informations.

I’ve had a nice test month in digital painting at the art institute “Institut für Ausbildung in bildender Kunst und Kunsttherapie” (IBKK). Lecturer Björn Barends has shown me some nice tricks and tips. In this test month I draw three pictures, which I will show here (even so one of those is revealing that I am a wrestling fan).


He’s got the whole world in his hands…