The end … 2014

The countdown has begun, again a year is nearly over. But before 2014 will belong to the past I have some news and illustrations from this year for you.


After much persuasion, I have made a facebook artist page now. There you can find scribbles, WiPs and finished drawings from me, which won’t be published in my blog. Feel free to drop by and have a look!

In October the Historia Aventurica came out, a collection of aventurian history. In addition to the portraits for Madaya and Geron the one-handed, I could contribute some nice scenes, including the capture of the Nameless God and Silem Horas’ voyage on the gryphon’s back.

Just in time for christmas the german, limitied edition of the Pathfinder RPG dungeon module “The Emerald Spire” (german version: “Die Smaragdspitze“) was published in a nice green binding and my symbol on the cover. Also the  the novel series of the Perlglanzsaga by Lars Czekalla ended with the last volume of the trilogy “Shaphiriane and the god of fire”, for which I designed the cover.

Smaragdspitze Dracheblog

And of course Nandurion.de had a great Advent calendar for 2014 like in the years before. Behind door number 16 it was all about the colorful maraskanian philosophers. The cheerful lady on the cover and on page 11 of the PDF, and the scroll at the end of the document were drawn by Janinjida der Robbenden aka me ^^


I wish you all a healthy start into the New Yearand enjoy the last hours of 2014!

I’ll see you in 2015!

Coat of Arms of Aventuria – workshop at RatCon

WappenBjaldornThis weekend it’s that time again… the rat is calling and I’ll follow her call to go to the RatCon! In the cityhall of Unna I will not only draw your characters for you like last year, but as already indicated, I will hold a workshop on heraldry. In this case, not for the mundane heraldry, but for the coat of arms of the world of The Dark Eye.

My workshop “Heraldik – Aventurische Wappenkunde” will be held on Saturday, 2nd August, 4 pm in room A.
What awaits you in my workshop: After a brief insight into the origins of aventurian heraldry, I give practical examples of what you need to pay attention to when you are creating your own coat of arms and also how to create coat of arms for alliances and personalized emblems. I will also discuss how to blazon, where and how you can wear a coat of arms except on shield and surcoat and what the responsibilities and duties of a herald are.

Description from the program:

Whether for a city or guild, worn by a knight or mage, emblems and symbols are an important part of the aventurian society. This workshop provides an insight into the history of aventurian heraldry and the rights and duties of a herald. With practical examples Janina Robben will explain what you should pay attention to when creating your own coat of arms or seal for the heroes of the world of The Dark Eye.


I’m looking forward to see you!