RPC 2015

rpcThe time has come again: The Role Play Convention (RPC) will take place at Cologne this weekend, from 05-16 to 05-17 2015.

You will find me in hall 10.2 at the ArtCorner, where I will offer art prints, canvases, buttons and of course character sketches and motives of your choice drawn on site.

This year something new and special will await you at the ArtCorner: We’ll have limited Theme Hours! Saturday and Sunday from 12 o’clock, it’s all about Steampunk, Saturday and Sunday from 15 o’clock is about Zombies. I will have special offers every day for both topics – let yourself be surprised!

I look forward to seeing you!

Magazin, Buttons, Games Fair


One year ago Ulisses Spiele had something special for the Games Fair. You could watch how Daniel Richter and I were developing an The Dark Eye adventure live at the Ulisses Spiele booth. While Daniel was writing the text for “Der Fluch der Drachengrafen” (“The curse of the Dragon Earls”) according to your suggestions, I was drawing the illustrations on the spot.

This year there will be an Adventure Workshop again at the Ulisses Spiele booth and we’ll get additional support by Eevie Demirtel. It’s still a secret what the new adventure will be about. I’ll tell you as much: it will get hairy!

I have a little surprise for the button-lovers among you: at the Games Fair I will sell the symbols of demigods and gods who are not belonging to the Twelve God’s pantheon for the first time. So far Swafnir, Angrosch, Nandus, Aves, Ifirn and Ssad’huar (Satuaria) are finished.


Which symbols would you like to see as buttons at the Games Fair?


Fresh off the press the new Aventurischer Bote #167 was in my mailbox this week already.
The portrait of lovely Circaya Galahan ya Badrese and the design for the Brabakian settlement Porto Sancta Elida (which is totally not exaggerated) were drawn by me.

Circaya PortoSanctaElida

A small note for the participants of the larp Spur des Blutes 2: take a look at the small ad on page 6 of the ingame news 😉
In the near future a news report about the events of the convention will follow.

Scribbling and next conventions

In the recent issue #165 of the German The Dark Eye-magazine “Aventurischer Bote” our first The Dark Eye-Larp article was published. The report “Schatten über Uhdenwacht” (“Shadows above Uhdenwacht”) on page 12 of the in-game news is about the events of the larp “Silbergroschen 4 – Quanionen” in which my husband Marcus and I were participating. Players, Game Masters and NPCs who were at this convention may discover that the events in our report were … edited by us. But this was done because of in-game reasons and our characters Jette and Hesindion will shure answer your questions about that.
The next The Dark Eye larp we will visit as reporters of the Aventurischer Bote is “Spur des Blutes 2“.

Of course I will be at the RatCon this year again and will draw there at my booth. In all likelihood I will give a workshop about coat of arms and heraldry. Stay tuned for more informations.

I’ve had a nice test month in digital painting at the art institute “Institut für Ausbildung in bildender Kunst und Kunsttherapie” (IBKK). Lecturer Björn Barends has shown me some nice tricks and tips. In this test month I draw three pictures, which I will show here (even so one of those is revealing that I am a wrestling fan).


He’s got the whole world in his hands…

RPC, whisper, nameless and robber-knight

April showers bring May flowers. And this May brings not only flowers, but the Role Play Convention (RPC) from 05-10-14 to 05-11-14, too. Like last year I will have my stand at the artist mile – hall 4.2.

Here is some eye candy for you. Three nice and new publications from The Dark Eye were released in April and I contributed some illustrations.

Robber-knight Gerwulf from Aventurischer Bote #164 makes the beginning.



For Firuns Flüstern (“Firun’s Whispers”) I portrayed the NPCs Eisbart, Graufell and Ugur, and draw the signets of the orcish gods, Glorana’s castle Shirach’ras and the arrow of Mikail. Surprisingly innocent are my illustrations for the first R-rated The Dark Eye adventure Namenlose Nacht (“Nameless Night”): four mini symbols for the different story arcs, a tray with refreshments, towels + soap and a mask.

Halloween and SPIEL 2013

Good evening, ghosts, goblins and ghouls! I hope you’re seizing this gorgeous dark autumn night and are very busy spreading fear and terror? Yesterday the horror was already alive on the internet in the artist group Splash Of Colors for which Iris Aleit, Tamara Garcia Fuentes and me were drawing for Halloween. Those of you, who could not be there live, can still enjoy our video on YouTube (german only).

And here is my finished picture ” A Heart For Halloween”.
A Heart For Halloween

If you like to visit Splash of Colors, you can do so at our website or on facebook.

But today is not only halloween, but something else: it’s been a week already since the first day of the Essen Game Fair. It has been four exciting and interesting days in which editor and author Daniel Richter and I were writing, drawing an creating in our writing workshop at the Ulisses booth for the Dark Eye adventure “Curse of the Dragon Earls”. Our charming companion at our table was my dear colleague Nadine Schäkel, who was drawing for the new The Dark Eye 5-System. Once again I like to thank all of you who participated with creative ideas for the adventure and for all the nice conversations.

More about the writing workshop will be soon on the Ulisses website, but of course I do not want to deprive you the images I have created at the Game Fair and a small impression from the Ulisses booth.

Spiel 2Spiel 1