The Dark Eye 5, Ice & Steam and KrähenCon

On RatCon 2015 it finally happened: the new edition of The Dark Eye – DSA5 – was released by publishing house Ulisses Spiele. For the core rulebook I’ve drawn a Gotongi (a demon in the form of a winged eye), two vignettes and three icons for magical representations of wizards, witches and elves.

To accompany the new rules, there will be many new adventures in the future. A source of fine, crisp, short adventures await you in “Heldenwerk” (“heroic work”). The subscribers of the ingame newspaper “Aventurischer Bote” will also receive the Heldenwerk-booklets. The first Heldenwerk-adventure is “Hexenreigen” by Dominic Hladek. I developed the logo for Heldenwerk.



Not only had The Dark Eye 5 a wonderful appearance on the RatCon, but also the steampunk setting for FATE rules – “Eis & Dampf” (“Ice and Steam”) – from Uhrwerk Verlag. I have drawn a lot of the interior illustrations for this book. I used a mix between the comic-like FATE style and Victorian era matching hatches.

The next convention on which you can find me, will be KrähenCon from 09-05 to 09-06 2015, Raphaelsheim, Hülser Straße 471, D-47803 Krefeld, Germany.

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