Making-of: God of Fire parchment

The crowdfunding for the fantasy movie “Soul of the Dragon” has still 22 days to go. The story is based on the german fantasy novel “Shaphiriane und die Seele des Drachen” (“Shaphiriane and the soul of the dragon”).

For the filming of the promo film I created the parchment of the “God of Fire” as a prop. The scroll was an exciting challenge, because it should be easy to read, but still look very old. In addition, the color had to cover it up, but must not break when rolling the scroll.

I chose a papyrus roll as material, which was kindly supplied with a small test sample, so I could experiment with my colors. I’ve decided on a mixed technique of watercolors, acrylic paints and ink.

The dragon was sketched on my computer, then printed and transferred to the papyrus via a light table. After coloring with different paints and inks, I rubbed the drawing with fine sandpaper to simulate a color removal by the ravages of time.

I added the writing “God of Fire”, some rune-like characters and sorcerous patterns. After that I treated the scroll with sandpaper again and added a slight touch auf transparent brown with watercolors.

You can see my scroll “in action” in the promofilm on Youtube (2:22 – 2:24).


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