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Bye bye, 2015!

In a few hours the time has come: say goodby to 2015, 2016 will begin.

2015 was a very eventful year for me, especially related to my work as an illustrator. I – or rather my drawings – have managed to leap to America with my first publications from FASA Games. But in Germany too some new releases from various publishing houses have been publicized (including Uhrwerk Verlag and Prometheus Games).

I want to say adieu to 2015 with a look at two publications and a project that are all three very close to my heart. The first one is the adventure “Das Lied des Lor” (“The Song of the Lor”) from Uhrwerk Verlag. Although “Das Lied des Lor” was published later then “Die Legatin des Bösen“, it contains my first illustrations for the RPG Myranor.

Those who have visited me at the German games fair 2015 in Essen at the Prometheus Games booth, will have seen me live drawing interesting illustrations with anthropomorphic chickens. Now the book was published, for which I’ve beaten the big chicken-drum for: Wilde Welten (“Wild Worlds”).

Wilde Welten is an adventure anthology with three settings for the RPG System Savage Worlds. The special thing about Wilde Welten is, that all those who have worked on this book (authors, illustrators, editors, layout artists, …) did it for free. Why did we do that? Wilde Welten is the first project of the charity initiative Spielkinder. All proceeds from selling Wilde Welten will be donated to Duisburger Tafel (a charitable organization that assists persons in need) and all those who worked on this book, did it for charity. For more information about Spielkinder visit the Prometheus Games website (German only).
In addition to the four illustrations I have drawn at the games fair, I designed the logo and the cover for Wilde Welten.

But Wilde Welten wasn’t the only charity project I volunteer for in 2015. Constanze von Kitzing and Anna Karina Birkenstock co-founded the project Illustratoren für Flüchtlinge (illustrators for refugees) to help refugee kids learn German. Over 250 illustrators voluteered to draw pictures for an online coloring book with different themes and vocabulary.
I joined in with three illustrations: a Christmas picture with a family and Santa Claus, a spot-the-difference puzzle with the theme “sleep” and a picture of a park.
You can find mine and many more coloring pictures on the website of the project – and there are more to come:
My pictures:

I wish you all a happy New Year!


From monsters and high elves

Publishing house Uhrwerk Verlag had two brand new, beautiful books with illustrations from me fresh from the press at the German games fair. Firstly the bestiary “Bestien und Monster” (” beasts and monsters”) for the RPG Splittermond and the game book “Legatin des Bösen” (“legatess of evil”), in which you play the infamous high elf Pardona – one of the main villains from the German roleplaying game The Dark Eye.

In a few weeks the DreieichCon takes place again. I’ll be there happy to draw your roleplaying characters for you.

Spur des Blutes 3 photos

Last weekend could have been one of the last sunny and warm this year. Thus, we have been very lucky, because at castle Baum in Lower Saxony the The Dark Eye-LARP “Spur des Blutes 3 – Saat und Ernte” (trail of blood 3 – sowing and reaping) was held. Here are my impressions of the beautiful location and the exciting game. Thank you so much for an exciting and wonderful weekend, Spur des Blutes-gamemasters!