Demons and vampires (and more)!

My Facebook followers will have certainly witnessed my hatching madness. This is not only due to the forthcoming german RPG “Eis & Dampf”, but to something else, too. Something very demonic from the US. We’re talking about the new edition of FASA Games’ Demonworld. For the recently published core book I drew some illustrations, which of course I do not want to hide from you.

But not enough of hatching. On the german RPG Convention FeenCon a “Vampire: the Masquerade” Larp was held to celebrate the successful crowdfunding of the German V20 edition. Not only was I present as medially gifted hippie Malkavian, I also contributed the coat of arms for our host the Custodes Sanguinis.


In May, the German edition of the Player’s Guide of Earthdawn was published by Ulisses Spiele. Besides a new cover art, the book was embellished with new art work by German illustrators.

Enough with the black and white. Now it’s time for gold and color with these two cover motifs.

Foto von Ulisses Spiele
Produktfoto von Ulisses Spiele
Silent Reapers
Produktfoto von Ulisses Spiele


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