From monsters and high elves

Publishing house Uhrwerk Verlag had two brand new, beautiful books with illustrations from me fresh from the press at the German games fair. Firstly the bestiary “Bestien und Monster” (” beasts and monsters”) for the RPG Splittermond and the game book “Legatin des Bösen” (“legatess of evil”), in which you play the infamous high elf Pardona – one of the main villains from the German roleplaying game The Dark Eye.

In a few weeks the DreieichCon takes place again. I’ll be there happy to draw your roleplaying characters for you.

Spur des Blutes 3 photos

Last weekend could have been one of the last sunny and warm this year. Thus, we have been very lucky, because at castle Baum in Lower Saxony the The Dark Eye-LARP “Spur des Blutes 3 – Saat und Ernte” (trail of blood 3 – sowing and reaping) was held. Here are my impressions of the beautiful location and the exciting game. Thank you so much for an exciting and wonderful weekend, Spur des Blutes-gamemasters!

The Dark Eye 5, Ice & Steam and KrähenCon

On RatCon 2015 it finally happened: the new edition of The Dark Eye – DSA5 – was released by publishing house Ulisses Spiele. For the core rulebook I’ve drawn a Gotongi (a demon in the form of a winged eye), two vignettes and three icons for magical representations of wizards, witches and elves.

To accompany the new rules, there will be many new adventures in the future. A source of fine, crisp, short adventures await you in “Heldenwerk” (“heroic work”). The subscribers of the ingame newspaper “Aventurischer Bote” will also receive the Heldenwerk-booklets. The first Heldenwerk-adventure is “Hexenreigen” by Dominic Hladek. I developed the logo for Heldenwerk.



Not only had The Dark Eye 5 a wonderful appearance on the RatCon, but also the steampunk setting for FATE rules – “Eis & Dampf” (“Ice and Steam”) – from Uhrwerk Verlag. I have drawn a lot of the interior illustrations for this book. I used a mix between the comic-like FATE style and Victorian era matching hatches.

The next convention on which you can find me, will be KrähenCon from 09-05 to 09-06 2015, Raphaelsheim, Hülser Straße 471, D-47803 Krefeld, Germany.

RPC 2015

rpcThe time has come again: The Role Play Convention (RPC) will take place at Cologne this weekend, from 05-16 to 05-17 2015.

You will find me in hall 10.2 at the ArtCorner, where I will offer art prints, canvases, buttons and of course character sketches and motives of your choice drawn on site.

This year something new and special will await you at the ArtCorner: We’ll have limited Theme Hours! Saturday and Sunday from 12 o’clock, it’s all about Steampunk, Saturday and Sunday from 15 o’clock is about Zombies. I will have special offers every day for both topics – let yourself be surprised!

I look forward to seeing you!